Best Indoor Foldable Concept 2 Rowing Machine For Apartment!

Among all the best fitness gear for the apartment, the rowing machine has signed its name. The internet is flooded with rowing machine reviews. but, which one are you gonna trust?

Concept2 ModelD Reviews

A rowing machine has been the number one priority for stress-free workout among people. it is such a gym kit that ensures one’s full-body workout.

Though it is an unusual workout kit, it provides some solid exercise, along with amazing cardiovascular and muscular exercise.

Concept2 is one of the market leaders when we talk about rowing machines. They have been fulfilling people’s taste for such a long time. The talk-of-the-town rowing machine is also from their list. Their Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 has become an instant hit since it launched. This rowing machine is proposed as one of the best indoor rowing machines for the beginner as well as the experts.

Key Features

  • Full body low impact workout
  • Smooth motion exercise kit
  • Highly effective in burning calories.
  • Fine quality frame ensures its durability
  • Generate real-time data to track progress
  • Self-calibrated performance monitor
  • Allows the user to create a user profile on the USB device and to maintain a log
  • A self-powered rowing machine

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This high-end rowing machine promotes air resistance technology. You can enjoy a full cardio workout with it. This one is an all in one workout kit as your whole body goes under the exercise. People love it for its comfortable design and durability. In fact, exercise with this rowing machine is quite easy like exercising with Elliptical Bike.


  • Air resistance adjustability
  • Observe heart rate with chest strap
  • Has an internal memory
  • Bluetooth & ANT+ connections available
  • Concept2 Model D is compatible with different indoor rowing apps
  • Built-in 4 rowing games
  • 10 customized programs available
  • Easy to assemble the parts
  • You can move the rowing machine with caster wheels
  • The front & rear parts of the machine are easily dismantlable to store


  • A bit louder in comparison with magnetic and water rowing machine

Concept2 Model D comes with a seat that sits above 14 inches from the ground. If you have an issue regarding balancing the body, then this model of Concept2 will be the perfect one for you. As its height is close to the ground, there is no chance you lose balance and fall.

Its steel with nickel plating is used to make the chain. This kind of nickel-plated chain needs oil very little. Saving your concept2 ModelS foldabletime! Maintenance of the chain doesn’t require much effort too. The housing of the chain is partially enclosed. The chain is noiseless and doesn’t freeze.

The performance monitor PM5 wirelessly connects to heart rate. It lets you compare your performance and measure performance observing previous and current data. The monitor will automatically turn on once you start rowing.

Concept2 Model D is best suitable for the apartment as this is one of the smoothest indoor rowers you would come to know about. You can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour once you connect to the indoor rowing app.

One of the best parts is that this rowing machine is foldable, and it takes less space when you fold it. So when you are done with it you can fold it and leave it in a comfortable place.

Cool Stuff! No?

The flywheel design and air resistance design of the Concept2 Model D minimize the sound generation. According to the users’ perspective, it produces less noise compared to other air resistance rowers. It doesn’t produce an unpleasant sound so one can row the machine while watching TV.

Change in resistance causes a change in the volume of air to hit the fan. You can choose the resistance level from 1 to 10 based on your requirement. You need to pull faster as well as harder to hit more air to the fan & to increase the intensity as well.

Concept2 Model D Performance Monitor 5Concept2 Model D offers 10 different exercises. Among them, 5 are preset, and rests can be customized. Isn’t it an amazing deal? In case you don’t have enough chance to make the exercise customized, the preset exercises are enough to provide you the full-body workout.  In fact, you can enjoy 4 different sorts of rowing exercises on the PM5.

This model of rower avails the opportunity to create the user profile by connecting a USB to the machine. You can store data on your daily workout and can update the PM5 firmware. One can save data on his customized exercise on the drive.

The limitation of the USB-drive is that it can preserve the data of one single user account at a time. Definitely, in most cases, more than one person would use the indoor rowing machine. In such a case, two or more user needs to have a single USB-drive each.

However, You can save your data without the USB drive too!


This home rowing machine features wireless connectivity. You can connect your tab or phone to the rowing machine via Bluetooth or ATN+. Download the fitness app on your phone then participate with the real-time rower. You can save your exercise data on the app which doesn’t require USB help. Then can compare the data to note the progress. It’s a really good technique to be a regular rower.

Concept2 Model D is a good deal within the budget; get it, and enjoy indoor rowing with the finest quality rowing machine of time.

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